B.S. Mechanical Engineering – May 2017

– Missouri S&T Deans List (All Semesters)

– Cumulative GPA: 3.71 (as of 9.01.2016)

Coursework In Progress

Mech Eng (Mechanical Engineering Systems, with lab)

Mech Eng (Automatic Control of Dynamic Systems)

Mech. Eng 5212 (Introduction to Finite Element Analysis)

ART 3221 (Fundamentals in Photography)

Eng 1222 (American Literature)


Mech Eng 5709 (Machine Design II)

Mech. Eng 5212 (Introduction to Finite Element Analysis)

CS 3200 (Numerical Methods)

Mechanical Engineering Coursework

Mech Eng 3313 (Machine Dynamics)

Mech Eng 3411 (Modelling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems)

Mech Eng 3131 (Thermofluid Mechanics)

Mech Eng 3525 (Heat Transfer)

Mech Eng 4840 (Instrumentation, with lab)

Mech Eng 3708 (Machine Design)

Mech Eng 3531 (Applied Thermodynamics)

Mech Eng 2519 (Thermodynamics)

Mech Eng 2761 (Introduction to Design, with lab)

Mech Eng 2360 (Dynamics)

Mech Eng 2653 (Introduction to Manufacturing)

CE 2210 (Mechanics of Materials, with lab)

CE 2200 (Statics)

EE 2800 (Circuits I)

General Education Courses

CS 1970/1980 (C++ Introduction, with lab)

Math 1214, 1215, 2222 (Calculus I, II, and III)

Math 3304 (Differential Equations)

Met 2110 (Metallurgy for Engineers)

Physics 1135 (Physics I, with lab)

Physics 2135 (Physics II, with lab)

CHEM 1319 (General Chemistry, with lab)

English 1120 (Exposition and Argumentation)

History 1200 (Modern Western Civilization)

Economics 1100 (Principles of Microeconomics)

Speech 1185 (Principles of Speech)