A little about me : I grew up in the greater St. Louis area and always had a knack for building things. Through most of high school I led my school’s robotics team to several successful seasons, and developed a number of personal projects in my free time (see the cannons in the ‘Projects’ section:) During college I spent almost all of my free time building Mars Rover’s on the Missouri S&T Mars Rover Design Team. I have a passion for creating and can’t stop until I make some work, move, or function in some way.  As a designer, I fiercely strive to implement the simplest solutions, and make the system the best it can possibly be. As a leader, I listen intently to my team members and always search for ways to better support them and enable them excel. I work incredibly hard towards the things that I care about, and don’t give up until I conquer the problem, whatever that may be.

Under the ‘Projects’ tab, you’ll find a collection of my extracurricular activities, including my experience on the Mars Rover Design Team, as well as my internships at Nucor and SpaceX. These experiences have taught me more than I could ever imagine, and made me the passionate, skilled, and driven engineer that I am today. I’m currently in the process of searching for a full-time engineering position as a mechanical designer. My goal is to find a home on a hardworking and fast-paced engineering team developing new and exciting technologies that will affect people’s lives for the better.